The Pillars4Life Study

In 2012 The Livestrong Foundation funded implementation of Pillars4Life, the online resilience training program we created for people with cancer and their families, in 20 hospitals across the country. Results showed clinically significant improvement in distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and self-efficacy. Click HERE to read published study.

The Pathfinders Study

This pilot-feasibility study in 2007 validated that the original in-person resilience training program (called Pathfinders) promoted significant improvement in distress, despair, helplessness, hopelessness and even fatigue for people with cancer. Click HERE and HERE to read published studies.


The Reimagine Randomized Controlled Trial

In 2015 we were awarded a grant from Pfizer to study a new iteration of the online resilience training program (called Reimagine) that uses a "flipped classroom" model. Results shows significant improvement in depression and fatigue as well as reductions in missed clinic appointments for patients with severe pain due to cancer. Manuscript is being written.


The Duke Student Resilience Training Study

In April of 2017 we began engaging with Duke University students to evaluate feasibility and usability of an app-based resilience training curriculum. Study is on-going.

The Four Conversations Study

In 2016 we were awarded another grant from Pfizer to study a new program designed to enhance decision-making and communication around end-of-life planning. Study is on-going.


·       Navy SEAL Family FoundationResilience Training for Soldiers and Families

·       Los Angeles Police DepartmentResilience Training for Law Enforcement Personnel

·       Sunburst Youth Academy, Los Alamitos National Guard Base, Resilience Training For At Risk High School


·       Diabetes Patient Advocates & EducatorsResilience Training for Type I Diabetes Patients and Caregivers

·       Basalt High SchoolResilience Training for High School Students